Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brides of a Feather

When you think feathers do you automatically think Vegas showgirls? Crazy hats? Well think again because right now feathers are the perfect ingredient for a unique and stylish wedding!

One of the prettiest and easiest ways to incorporate feathers into your big day is in your hair. Hairpieces with feathers do not have to be all out like in Sex and The City, they can be simple and elegant too. Whether your hair is all up or half up you can easily add a feathered hairpiece to accentuate your look while still keeping it subtle.

The next most obvious way to incorporate feathers is in your centerpieces. Peacock feathers have such pretty colors and can really add a new dimension to even the most plain centerpiece. A big trend also seems to be GIANT all feather centerpieces. We love both ideas!

Feathers can also add to a bouquet the same way they add to a centerpiece! Who said your bouquet had to be all flowers? Add some feathers for a new depth! Who knows, maybe your bouquet will go a little further when you throw it if it has feathers on it ;)

Lastly, feathers can really add a fun touch to your invitations. They are so soft and frankly unexpected on a wedding invitations! So tickle your guests by adding one to yours!

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