Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Extra! Extra! RED all about it!

Want a RED wedding but don't really care to incorporate a Holiday or winter theme? Well, we are here to tell you that you don't have to! The following are some RED color combos that you may never have thought of....but now you'll be seeing RED for sure!

RED & orange
Even though the two colors are very close, they compliment each other so well. These colors allow for both summer and fall weddings!

RED & green
Pairing these two colors together doesn't always have to equal Christmas! The lighter "granny smith" green looks great with RED and contrary to what you would normally think, has a really summery feel to it!

RED & navy or blue
RED happens to go well with all varieties of blue. It just screams summer fun!

RED & teal or Tiffany blue
You wouldn't normally pair a bold color such as RED with such a smooth, light color as Tiffany blue. Conversely, dominating teal is surprisingly really complimented by RED. So whether it is a bold color or a light color that you fancy...don't be afraid to try something not usually done!

RED & purple
Just as RED and orange are close, so are RED & purple....but the consensus is the's a match made in heaven! These colors work really well in the cooler months...the opposite of the RED and orange pallette.

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