Friday, August 27, 2010

All You Need is Music, Sweet Music!

Sometimes it is hard to get people out on the dance floor during a wedding, but have no fear...there are easy ways to fix this problem! First thing is first...a good DJ should have no problem getting your wedding guests out on the floor. A bar doesn't hurt either! What it really comes down to though is the songs you play during the reception. I know that when you think wedding reception you think "Shout" etc...we beg you...consider something else because playing "wedding songs" is played out.

8 Wedding Songs to Skip...(and why)

just because everyone knows the words...and the dance...does not mean you are obligated to play it.

2. Chicken Dance
the name says it all! Who really wants to flap around and look silly like that?

3. Stayin Alive
no one knows any of the words to this song except the one's just silly!

4. Every Breath You Take
whether it is The Police or Puff Daddy...we can think of so many other romantic songs (that aren't so stalkerish)

5. Total Eclipse of the Heart
If you saw Will Ferrell's rendition of this song in Old School you know why we want to skip it (or that might be why you want to PLAY it..?)

6. Macarena
Do you really wanna see all your relatives doing that hip thing?

7. My Heart Will Go On

8. Mony Mony

Don't get all flustered and heart broken just yet brides and grooms...we have a list of new songs that haven't been deemed "wedding songs" just yet that we think you should try...

1. Lucky - Jason Mraz and Colby Callet
Maybe a first dance song? The lyrics are so romantic "lucky I'm in love with my best friend"! Not to mention both Jason and Colby have AMAZING voices!

2. Viva La Vida - Coldplay
This song just makes you feel good and makes ya wanna move!

3. Good Time - Alan Jackson
If you have never seen this music video, open a new tab and find it now! How is this song NOT more popular?

4. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
Another song with some great lyrics!

5. Single Ladies - Beyonce
This is a number that you DO want to see your relatives try to dance to! Plus, it is just fun! It's also pretty relevant "if you like it then you should have put a ring on it" isn't that what everyone is there to celebrate? Your ring and commitment?

6. Beautiful - Akon
This is a good party starter

7. So What - P!NK
Another party starter...just like her other song "Get This Party Started"

8. Just Dance - Lady Gaga
No one can resist dancing to ANYTHING by Lady Gaga

9. Green Light - John Legend
This is a good transition into the "goodbye" portion of the evening

10. When the Night Comes - Dan Auerbach
A good last song!

This list could continue forever...just keep in mind "oldies but goodies" are not always good! :)

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