Monday, September 20, 2010

Hair DO!

Hello pretties! We came across a few snazzy hair DOs and thought we would share them with you. There are so many other ways to make yourself, your dress etc look jazzy on your big day that we agree with the masses that less is more when it comes to your tresses! Keeping your hair simple allows you so much more freedom in all other areas of your appearance. Below are some ideas. Do take a look at these DOs before you say "I do!"

The Curly Pony:
We love it because the whole idea of covering your elastic with your hair is something we think is so pretty! Having your hair pulled away from your face allows everyone to see JUST how pretty you are and eliminates you constantly having to push it out of your eyes.

The Polished Pony:
Same as simple but so beautiful. Making your pony tail without a part gives off such a clean look!

The Bump:
Buy a "bump it" know you want to! Adding height to your hair is something women used to do a long time ago and like anything that "used to" be done back in the day it has come back bigger and better than ever! Just picture adding a tiara, headpiece or beautiful veil on top of this do! STUNNING!

Workable Waves:
If you insist on having your hair down while you walk down the isle like many brides do, it may be beneficial to atleast have some of it pushed back. This look combines the sassy waves with the part-less polished look from the polished pony tail. It is kind of bohemian and we DIG it!

Braided Band:
Whether it is your wedding day or your day off...braids are so in right now! This is a great way to combine the current trend with the classic curly haired bride! LOVE IT!

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