Monday, September 13, 2010

That's RED-iculous!

Once upon a time it was daring of a bride to wear silver, ivory or even a colored sash as opposed to all white wedding attire. We do, however, live in a COLOR world! If love were a color it would not be black or white, or even silver or ivory. Love is RED! It's hot, passionate, daring, vibrant and dignified. Make a statement as loud as your love and wear RED on your wedding day!

It used to be that a bride who chose to wear RED on her wedding day (GASP!) would have to settle for a cocktail gown, a quinceniera or prom dress in place of a gown made for a bride. Lucky for the gorgeous girls now choosing to wear RED, dress shops all over the place are equipt with gowns that were made for you to be married in!

Like a white wedding dress, a RED dress can be a variety of lengths, cuts and styles. We really enjoy the classic-eque big poofy dress done up in red!

We are seeing RED be sure to check back for future RED blogs to feature all the things you need to get RED-y for your RED wedding!

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