Monday, August 2, 2010

10 planning no-nos...

So browsing through the most current issue of the knot we found an article: "No Regrets, the 10 Most Common Planning Blunders and How to Avoid Them" by Meredith Bodgas. As a wedding planner, I thought these were great and that it would be beneficial to summarize and share them!

10.Try not to get too attached to your flower choices. Have back-ups added to your contract and think colors and shapes rather than specific flowers. "you can't always get what you want" and neither can your florist

9.Think twice before you send save the dates to everyone. The friends you have at the time of your engagement might not be your friends when you are tying the knot, so make sure to send save the dates only to those whom you KNOW will be invited.

8.You'll regret if you skip videography. Photos cannot capture your vows...or your dance moves ;)

7.Be careful not to blow your fashion budget on your dress. Not only do you have to buy a dress, but might also have to gather shoes, jewelry & hair accessories and undergarments. Not to mention, you may have to have your dress shipped to you and or altered. (not to mention taxes on all of the above!)

6.Avoid micromanaging your vendors. They are the professionals, not you.

5.Think hard before you pick your attendants. Picking bridesmaids or groomsmen that your family demands or to get an even number in your wedding party will backfire. The people up there with you during the ceremony are people that you should be able to depend on throughout the process leading up to your special day.

4.Please restrain yourself from telling everyone your plans. The more people you tell, the more opinions you are going to get and the less surprised your guests will be. Plus, the last thing you want is for someone who is getting married before you to copy your unique plan or idea.

3.Seriously, don't book your salon appointments last. We know you want your hair and makeup fresh...but you don't want to have to simplify your hair and makeup if time is running short. Get your hair and makeup done halfway through your bridesmaids. It is easy for them to switch to something easier and less time consuming if it comes down to it.

2.Don't even think about speeding through photos. An hour and a half is ideal for photos...less than an hour is not enough. If you are rushed, you will LOOK rushed in the pictures.

1.Avoid "hiring" a friend instead of a pro. It doesn't matter how good you think they are, they are not a professional. You should let all of your guests enjoy the wedding...hire a'll be happy you did!

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