Monday, August 16, 2010

Some invitation FAQ (and answers!)

Invitations used to have to be worded a certain way and the order of names on the invitation had underlying meaning...but the tradition of traditional invitations seems to be fading. Word your invitation however you'd like, in whatever order, font and color you choose. There are a few things with respect to wedding invites that haven't changed however:

* Invitations should be in the mail 4-6 weeks before the celebration.

* If you don't want children at the wedding your options are:
1. Leave their names off the invitation
2. Have friends and family spread the word that you don't desire children at the wedding.
3. Add one of the following phrases to the bottom of the reply card: "adult reception", "We hope that the (# of guests) of you will be able to join us", "(# of seats) have been reserved in your name"

* If someone hasn't responded, one week after the "reply by" date, call them.

* Your officiant and their better half get an invitation

* Send your parents and wedding party invitations as a keepsake, you know they're coming so they do not necessarily have to reply.

* You have to put the return postage on your RSVPs.

* You are not supposed to put registry information on the invitation. If you have a wedding website, an insert containing the address can accompany the invite and the website can obviously contain your registry information.

* Do not seal the invitation in it's envelope before you write the address on the envelope, it will leave indentations on the invite.

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