Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'd Like to Propse a TASTEful Toast!

Toasting the bride&groom is a wedding tradition and expected of you if you happen to be in the wedding party. Add some more bubble to your bubbley with some tips and delicious additions to a tradition that we don't want to see fizz out:

On the tip of the lips....
(some advice on how not to spill out your speech)

*Do not wing it
make note cards, pratice, write it out....just like in school, remember?

*It's a toast...not a ROAST
a toast is made in HONOR of a person (or couple) not to embarass them. So, if you wouldn't be honored if the same speech was made about you, then it may need some revisions.

*Shorter is Sweeter
You wouldn't want to listen to yourself talk for more than a minute or two, so why make everyone else?

*Hold on to your glass
Alcohol will calm your nerves, but too much will make you babble over your bubbles so limit the pre-toast intake.

Ritzy Glitzy Recipes to Make Your Sparkling Beverage Really Shine!...
(Courtesy of The Ritz Carlton)

*Wedding Veil Cocktail
This blue beauty is the perfect addition for the popular wedding color.

60 ml Champagne
10 ml parfait amour bols
20 ml white peach puree
20 ml apple juice
20 ml blue curacao
green cherry
lemon peel

*Barefoot Bubbly
Why not? We are in Florida, aren't we?

1/2 tsp. sugar
2 dashes of bitters
1 oz. guava rum
1 squeeze of a fresh, Florida orange
1 strawberry


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