Saturday, March 5, 2011

White Out

I don't know about you, but we kind of like all this talk about wedding dresses being colors other than white. Don't get us wrong, white wedding dresses will always be beautiful and timeless, but we certainly aren't opposed to choosing something else. Below we help you explore your options:

White with an Accent: Too timid to step away from the traditional dress color? This is an excellent option for those looking to step out of the box, but only want to add a splash of color.

Ivory: In the mood for a traditional and classy look? Ivory is most seen in vintage and beach weddings. While it is the second most common color used for wedding dresses, it is still a nice deviation from the normal white.

Red: This color is definitely for those looking to make a statement! It is a stunning color, and also the color of love and passion. It is often the color of many Chinese wedding garments, as it represents good luck. The best time of year for this color is in the colder months around the Holidays.

Light Green: Green is the color of nature and life. A merry color, this may be best around Christmas or St. Patrick's Day. Don't want to seem too in touch with nature? A nice light green color will help get your desired effect, without being too overpowering.

Blue: Since it is the color of water, beach weddings and tropical themed weddings are where most blue dresses are found. It is a peaceful color and the color of faithfulness.

Black: Not necessarily a taboo dress choice! It definitely take a confident woman to wear this color on her wedding day. A color that shows elegance, you often times find it \paired with black-and-white themed weddings, or quirky and edgy weddings.

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