Monday, March 21, 2011

Day of Coordinator- To Have or Not to Have

So lemme guess- Spring has sprung and you are starting to plan all the intimate details of your big day. You intend on seeing that every item is attended to, which is no easy feat! (Trust us, we know) There is no right answer to if you need a Day of Coordinator or not, so we answered a few questions to help explain why having a Day of Coordinator on your special day may (or may not) be a huge help to you.

Why do you need a wedding coordinator?
  • While planning may seem like a walk in the park, once you get started it can sometimes be overwhelming. Planners know even the tiniest details to include, and are used to setting a timeline to make sure all the details get the correct amount of attention.
  • Planners can help create a manageable and reasonable budget, and most of the time can utilize connetions they have in the industry.
  • Coordinators will work with you to make a timeline for the day of, so that they can deal with making sure all the vendors are where they need to be when they need to be there- Something you definitely do not want to be worrying about as you walk down the isle!
What should I look for in a coordinator? What questions should I ask?
  • The #1 thing you want to pay attention to is if they are organized. You also want to feel at ease with them- You want to make sure you can express all your wants and needs to them in a comfortable way.
  • A few questions to ask may be: How long have they been in the business? Do they have pictures and samples from past weddings? Are there certain vendors or venues they do or dont work with?

Is there a certain package I should get?
  • Always ask if a coordinator has a planning package. There are generally 3 different types:
  • Consultation Only: Your planner will send you off in the right direction, but you will only meet a few times. They will not be there the day of, but will make sure to provide you with enough information for you to be successful.
  • Planning Preparation: They will get you set us with a planning binder and get you in contact with your vendors. They are more involved in the planning process, and will be there the day of if they can.
  • Full Wedding Package: This is when you hire the coordinator for the actual day of the event. While their main day of work will be the day of, they will work with you a significant amount in the days and months leading up until the wedding.
Remember: It is completely up to you whether you choose to use a coordinator or not. But make sure to consider all the facts before making your decision. Happy Planning!

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