Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Color

You've picked the date. The venue is booked. But now comes the hard part: Choosing your color scheme. There are so many factors to consider and colors you love that things can get a little overwhelming. Consider these simple tricks to help make the decision process a little less mind-boggling:

1. Consider the venue. Will your colors balance with the colors of the venue's carpets, decor, drapes, etc?

2. Coordinate with the time of year. Spring and Summer weddings tend to bring lighter, more pastel colors, while Fall and Winter colers are usually more bold.

3. Stuck in a rut? Play around with paint swatches. Hardware stores and paint websites have color wheels with about every color under the sun. This will help spark some ideas, and also help to narrow down specific colors so that when you decide on blue, you can know if it will be a robin's egg blue, turquoise, or navy.

4. Pair your colors well. If you choose to go with more than one color, choose a bold color and a light color that will complement each other. Try to steer clear of multiple bold colors that will overpower the decor.

5. Imply your colors to everything. Think about how each color would look on linens, flower arrangements, invitations, bridesmaids, bridal accents, table assignments, up-lighting, etc.

6. Consider everyone. While this is your big day, don't forget when choosing your colors that you have to dress your bridesmaids as well. Not every color may look good on everyone.

Happy Choosing!

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