Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whats on the Royal Wedding Menu?

So we know the British Royal Family is definitely no stranger to tradition, but there is no way they have specific traditions for the wedding foods they eat, right? Wrong! While looking into a few of the fun fashion trends and traditions the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton would bring, we found a few different food related traditions as well. It sounds like a celebration fit for a king! 

A Wedding Breakfast for the Guests
After the reception, invited guests will join the newlywed couple at Buckingham Palace for a formal wedding breakfast (it will really be more like an afternoon cocktail party by the time it starts). Over 600 guests have been invited, which is way more than Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles, which only had 120 people!

A Reception Hosted by the Queen
The wedding breakfast will be hosted by Queen Elizabeth herself. This means she gets the final say over all of the dishes served at the reception-things like smoked salmon on beet blinis and quail eggs sprinkled with celery salt. Interesting!

Toasting the Bride's Family
Not only will Prince Harry toast the bride and her family, but Prince William will toast Kate and her immediate family and thank them for being in attendance. Historically, the bride is to pay for the wedding, but hopefully the Royal Family was able to help them out!

A Multi Layered Cake
Traditionally, guests will be offered a piece of fruitcake, that they can have boxed and take home as small gifts (This is because supposedly fruitcake can be kept fresh for years... yum?). The actual wedding cake is usually a classy multi-tiered cake with white icing, and has been known to touch on almost five feet tall!

Non Traditional- A Bride's Cake and Groom's Cake
Not so similar to the 27 cakes Princess Diana had at her wedding, William and Kate will each have a cake of their own. Kate's will be the traditional fruitcake, and William will be going against the grain with a chocolate McVitie's Cake. Yum!

A Menu Written in French
Despite a lack of translation, every menu presented at the Royal Wedding will be printed in French. Its a good thing the Prince speaks fluent French!

A Dish Named after Kate Middleton
It is tradition for the royal chefs to name one of their elaborate dishes after the bride. No one knows what it will be just yet, but it will probably be revealed at the wedding's second reception which takes place later in the evening.

Plenty of Beer!
Britains are no stranger to beer, so we know they will be throwing back a few brews in celebration. There has even been a beer brewed special for the occasion, called the 'Windsor Knot'.

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