Monday, April 11, 2011

Table Numbers? Why, Yes!

Thinking of having assigned seating at your wedding? It's not necessarily needed, but its a nice way to be able to be more organized and know where your guests are sitting. If you choose to have assigned seating, table numbers and place cards are a definite must- They are a fun and creative way to incorporate your theme into the table decor. And it is always fun for guests to try and find where they are sitting. Need some ideas for your table number and place cards? Check out a few of our favorites below!

This is a fun idea from a wedding we did with Big City Catering. Assignments were written on a vintage window as guests walked in.

Many couples choose to, instead of doing table numbers, use table names. You can choose the names of significant and memorable places in the relationship

Name cards dont always have to be on paper! Objects, such as the rocks above, or pieces of fruit, are a unique way to let guests know where they sit.

This is a fun way to tie in a 'green' or vintage wedding. Look hard? It can be made at home with poster board!

Do you and your special one have a sweet tooth? This picture is from a Georgia-themed wedding, which let the guests know where to sit while giving them a tasty treat to take home.

Whatever you choose to do with your place settings, make it reflect you and there is no going wrong!

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