Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weddings At The Summerlin House At Thornton Park!

Yep this picture taken right down Summerlin Avenue!! Isn't it great!

The Veranda Bed & Breakfast & The Summerlin House have tied the knot!
If you haven't been by lately, you are in for some big surprises. Where the fences once seperated our two businesses, You will now find beautiful arbors to walk through to take you to the entire property.
The Summerlin House At Thornton Park litterally sits in the middle of this Gorgeous Bed & Breakfast and now we will be handling all weddings & events for the entire property.

We are very excited about this and all the new space we have to make your dream wedding come true.

Take a look at some pictures of weddings at The Summerlin House

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